Getting Around in trueSpace 5 and 6
I wrote this tutorial for beginners who are just starting out in trueSpace. TrueSpace has a unique interface and this tutorial's goal is to help learn to navigate in this icon-driven environment. It is not a replacement of the manual nor does it show specific projects to accomplish, but rather is an explanation of how to find the tools that you want to use. The lighting part of the tutorial was written by James Diel (RimRunner). The simulation part was written by Nigel Doyle (3dkiwi/kiwiboy). The animation part was written by Nigel Doyle with contributions by James Diel. Thank you both! 

Importing Poser figures into trueSpace with the Luuv plug-in

This tutorial tells you how to import Poser figures or other .obj files into trueSpace with the excellent and free luuv plug-in and shows you some methods of texturing the objects inside trueSpace. To read the html version, click on the link above. To download the zipped PDF file, click here:   

Using the PolyTools plug-ins

The PolyTools plug-in pack by Chikara Kojima (CK Game Factory) is a collection of 17 plug-ins for trueSpace 5+ and it includes a lot of very useful tools. This tutorial provides a little help with using these tools.

UV mapping with trueSpace and UVMapper Pro

This is a simple UV mapping tutorial, using trueSpace, the luuv plug-in and UVMapper Pro. It can also be followed with UVMapper Classic, though the Pro version has much more features that make UV mapping much easier.  



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